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Our Firm

Owned and operated in Texas, Doctor Advising was founded by Neil Doctor, MD and Sandra Maerzacker, MD. We have both carved our own path through the medical school application process and are eager to help future physicians achieve their professional goals.

Our firm provides an affordable means of assisting you in any aspect of your application AND interviews. We are a regional operation and as such can provide our undivided, focused, and in-person attention to YOUR application. Many of our competitors charge on average $300.00 per hour or more with minimum hour requirements. Even if you are not located around us, we are more than happy to help you via Skype, phone, and email anywhere in the world.


The process of getting into medical school is one of the most important applications of your professional life. We are senior medical students and physicians who are intimately familiar with all aspects of the process, including interviews and selection committees. By having spoken with dozens of premedical students and non-traditional applicants, we have learned that there is much outdated and inconsistent advice out there. From starting as premedical students, becoming applicants, medical students, admission committee members, and now physicians, we can provide better application advice than most other advisors. Arm yourself with experts that have actually been through the medical school application process and will have your back. 







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